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Choosing Barbecue Meat

12 Aug

Things to Consider When Choosing Barbecue Meat
 by: Chris McCarthy

Everybody loves a good barbecue. But once in while, we get that itch when we just want everything to be absolutely perfect – from the bbq marinade to the the barbecue meat to the paper plates and cups. Speaking of barbecue meat, there are some things you should consider when choosing meat to help bring out the perfect flavor of the barbecue.

In general, the most common barbecue meat choices are beef, pork and poultry, with each type of meat having something different to offer to the palate. As a general rule, select meats that were derived from younger animals since these would be tender and more flavorful.

Barbecue meat tip # 1. Beef cuts ideal for barbecues are the New York strip, Filet Mignon and Rib eye. The appropriate thickness of the beef should be about a full inch. A little seasoning rub helps bring out the natural flavor of the beef without overpowering it.

Barbecue meat tip # 2. Poultry is another barbecue favorite that can either be in the form of duck, chicken, game hen or even turkey. Choice cuts of poultry like wings, legs and thighs can be marinated or flavored using a dry spice rub. Chicken breasts can also be seasoned in the same way before grilling.

Barbecue meat tip # 3. Pork is a barbecue staple enjoyed by everyone. It is the simplest type of meat to barbecue. To appreciate the flavor of pork, choose lean cuts like tender chops and spare ribs or baby back ribs seasoned with spices or barbecue sauce.

Seasoning Meats

Barbecue rubs give traditional barbecue a whole new dimension. It makes for a tastier and more flavorful barbecue. In fact, most famed barbecue restaurants use rubs to give their ribs, chicken and steaks a rich deep flavor. Barbecue rubs should be rubbed thickly into the meat and left there for at least four hours or more. When grilling, the barbecue rub will give the meat a nice, chunky and crusty coating.

Ideally, you should rub the meat first, and then add the sauce while grilling. Barbecue rubs come in all kinds of mixtures. For a nice brown color, you should add some more brown sugar. Paprika is also a popular ingredient in rubs. It has a very light peppery taste, and gives the meat a nice, rich, brown color. Oregano, thyme, and rosemary are excellent herbs which go well with red barbecue sauces. Rubs also typically have onion and garlic powder to flavor the meat.

For an all-around sauce, try the Jim Bean Honey BBQ Sauce and Maguire’s Irish BBQ Sauce. They are two exceptional sauces that can be used for any type of meat even fish.

On the other hand, the Bone Suckin’ Sauce Rib Rub, the Cowtown BBQ Seasoning and the Habanero Seasoning from Hell are multi-purpose dry rubs that can be used to season everything from beef, pork, poultry, fish as well as eggs and pasta.


Bar-B-Que Styles and Catering

8 Aug

No matter where you live in the United States there is some type of BBQ and people from each section are loyal to their particular style. Traditionally, barbecue, is a way of slowly cooking meat over a fire, smoking it, or cooking it over wood or coals. This meat is observed and turned for over several hours. The term is used interchangeably to refer to both the preparation and cooking of the meat and the actual place where the meat is cooked. It is always done outdoors or in outdoor ovens at a restaurant. These restaurants that specialize in BBQ catering usually cook the meat at the restaurant, then serve it warm at the party site.

In the Southern section of the United States, barbecue is typically pork because historically pigs are the easiest to maintain and could be caught easily when the food supply was low. They were introduced to the American Indians by Spanish conquistadors. The Indians then showed the Spanish how to smoke the meat. These colonists then moved on to South Carolina where the concept of barbecue that we know of today was born.

Each part of the South has its own barbecue flavor, which is usually in the sauce or in the rub, depending on where the barbecue represents. Some sauces are vinegar based while others are ketchup based. Some locales are known for their sides, such as slaw, corn bread, or beans.. Often, BBQ catering companies will specialize in a specific style, but some will serve it either way so that all guests will be happy.

While the BBQ catering restaurants usually serve their meat in ketchup and vinegar based sauces, barbecues in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee serve their pork in a sweet sauce that has a tomato base. It is often served as pulled pork on a sandwich with a side of coleslaw.

A different style of barbecue is Kansas City style where the eating establishments use various types of meat, such as burnt ends, pulled pork, ribs, sausage, brisket, and chicken. This is attributed to its history of being a meat-packing city. Kansas City barbecue restaurants typically use hickory wood for smoking and burnt ends are one of the most popular dishes served in Kansas City.

When most people around the world think of barbecue, they primarily think of Texas style and claim that to be the style they serve in their restaurants, though most often they do serve a style that is considered to be of somewhere else.

If you desire a particular style of barbecue, check with one of your local BBQ catering professionals to see what kind they serve before you book them to cater your event.

BBQ Smokers

8 Aug

Barbeque smokers are most commonly used for outdoor cooking and sometimes considered to be a theme for celebrations such as barbecue parties. This is the reason it has indeed added more convenience and style from traditional grilling. Mouth watering dish and smoky taste and scent are mostly three qualities offered by the modern barbecue.

The barbecue smokers which we see today in the market are inspired by the traditional cooking of barbecue which uses both wood and charcoal to create a continuous supply of smoke and at the same time cooking your barbecue. These smokes are made up of latest, high quality and heavy duty material and hence are great combination of classic grilling and the need and demand of contemporary time.


Most commonly, barbecue smokers are huge with enough grilling space to cook. These smokers are the perfect solution for family gathering, tail gating at football games, church functions, and hunting clubs. The additional benefit of these smokers is that it can be used as mobile cooking which you get to easily carry it anywhere you want to go. As far as their cost is concerned, usually depend on the size, features and type of brand.

These days youngster prefer to use barbecue smokers for camping where you get great supply of wood to get it going and a perfect producer of smoke. The smoky taste and smell of barbecue is the main core of meat grilling. Because of large size, a barbecue smoker usually has a large door that provides easy access to cooking shelves. Additionally, it provides easy access to the fire chamber where you can easily add more wood to create great smoky flavor on your smoker barbecue. Because of its large size, you can easily cook 20 whole chickens, 20 pork butts weighing 5-6 pound turkeys, and 16 slabs at the same time.

Even though barbecue smokers are large in size, they are very easy to clean. They are built with bottom drains so you can easily hose it all out. Dissimilar with other gas grills, these barbecue smokers create very less risk and are completely non hazardous to both human beings and the environment. These are all the reason that have made barbecue smokers earn great name and fame globally. Their capabilities of providing the great and genuine smoky flavor have forced many people to use it and enjoy several family and friends parties at any special location in your city.